Reconstruction of the tomb, called “Padûlky”, of a warrior with complete equipment found at Dražůvky (Southern Moravia

The deceased was surrounded by a suspensory belt connected to the iron sword on the right, a spear was placed diagonally on the chest, the umbo on the femur, both hands had bracelets (one of which is still in progress) and a third had been placed next to the left hand, under the neck there were two iron fibulas.
The tunic is in linen, decorated with geometrical trimmings, while the trousers, always in linen, have a herringbone decoration.
The warrior, although he was not buried with any kind of protection, was in possession of all the weapons available for combat, so we can suppose that he could have been part of the elite warrior or, at least, that he had had a high rank (also because the spearhead, due to the very impressive dimensions, certainly could not have been available to “common” warrior). For this reason, we wanted to emphasize the rank by making him wear a wool cloak decorated with diamond motifs.
The bracelet on the upper right limb was made of iron, while the one on the other limb is made of sapropelite. The third bronze bracelet is work in progress.
We could hypothesize a helmet and an organic armor for this warrior, but the absence of hooks or metal rings has made us desist from continuing along this road.