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Iron Age Historical Reconstruction
and Reenactment

Who we are

The Institute of Experimental Archeology and Historical Reenactment “Sippe Ulfson” comes to life in 2008 when a group of friends, united by the passion for the Ancient Germanic culture and customs, decided to rconcretize their purposes and to create an Association.


Our time-line is based on the intention to showcase:

The Celtic tribe of Volcae from the III centuries BC

The Germanic tribes between the II century BC and the II century AD, especially Catti and Cherusci.

The Celtiberian warriors who were part of Hannibal Barca’s army when we invided italian penisula in the 218 a.C.

Recent Posts

celtic religion

Historical source

In their old ballads (which amongst them are the only sort of registers and history) they celebrate Tuisto, a…

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