Who we are

The without thin of profit Institute of Experimental Archaeology "Sippe Ulfson" was istituited in 2008 when a group of people, united by the passion for the ancient Germanic culture and customs,  decided to concretize their purposes and create an association. The apolitical, apartitical and secular association pursues the finality to spread the Germanic culture through the study of the history, the archaeology and the religion, besides the practical activity with preparation of historical camps, the study of the uses and customs in the full philological respect of the descriptions brought in the sources and sharing notions, folklore and traditions, tactics of fight and spirituality of the historical periods. Every activity is developed with clear and comprehensible exposure for the public and, if possible, also with its active share, so that we can involve and thrill all those people who will have the opportunity to meet our group.

Since 2010 the institute created a parallel group of celtic re-enactment called “Teuta Volki” with the same aim of “Sippe Ulfson”.

Since 2010, the Association also developed a project about the Celto-iberian tribes inside a wider project of the reenactment of Hannibal Barca's army.

From 2014, the Assiciation became member of EXARC, confirming in this way the quality of our researches and reconstructions.