Here are the most frequently asked questions from new members:

Do I have to attend all the events?
You are encouraged to try to attend all of the events and support the group, but it isn't the real army!

Do I have to camp?
We camp at every event, some in authentic tents, others in modern 'plastic' tents. You can do either, or just turn up for the day! However, a camper-van is not unkown and some occasionally stay locally in comfortable inns...

Does it cost me anything?
Yes, it does. First you must pay your £10 membership (which will cover access to all the amazing places we go, plus your insurance), and then you begin to assemble your kit. What you buy is up to you. The minimum is just a set of civillian clothing, which you can make yourself.

I'm shy. Do I have to talk to the public?
No, not at all. Some of us are better at talking to the public than others. No-one is forced to talk to the public. If the public 'collar you' then you can hand-them over to a more experienced member of Comitatus.

I don't want to try any fighting. Is that a problem?
Fine! Only those members who want to fight in front of the public and who have had the required training do so. An article on combat within the group can be read here.

Do we allow women to dress as men and fight?
Yes! We believe everyone should be able to enjoy our hobby to the full.
Women do portray legionaries within Comitatus, and work hard to look the part.

Do I need a relevant re-enactment skill.
Nope. A skill, such as leather-working, bone-working, weaving or dyeing is a bonus. Just being there, helping out in the arena or around camp, or talking to the public is an asset in itself. Members are all willing to share their knowledge, however and you can pick up a craft quickly with our help.