What we do


Our time-line is based on the intention to showcase:

  • the Celtic tribe of Volcae from the III centuries BC
  • the Germanic tribes between the II century BC and the II century AD, especially Catti and Cherusci.
  • The Celtiberian warriors who were part of Hannibal Barca's army when we invided italian penisula in the 218 a.C.


We occupy ourselves with all aspects that characterize the Germanic and Celtic culture:

  • History
  • Appearance & Array
  • Lifestyle & Scripture
  • Commerce
  • Armament & Combat
  • Religion & Rights

The Celtiberian project "Veramos Viroi" is focused only on the warlike aspect of this population.

The aim of our Institute is to to portray a colourful and state-of-the-art picture of the Germanic and Celtic people to the general public. In this there is no room for political and world-view ideologies; our concerns are to overcome false preconceptions of the Germanic, Celtic and Celtiberian people and present a realistic representation of their bygone cultures. Therefore every member of the Institute embodies a certain fictitious “life picture” of his own choosing and aligns his reconstructed gear with the impersonated role and the chosen historical background.